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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Re: benchmarking processes@DMU

The OBHE produced an Institutional Review Document that details the issues we are covering. Our approach focuses upon the following areas, with area commanders/team captains/area-leaders as follows.
  1. Lead areas
Context - Richard Hall
Strategy Development - Harish Ravat
Collaboration and Partnership - Richard Hall
The Management and Leadership of e-Learning - Heather Conboy
Resources for e-Learning and Value for Money - Atul Mamtora/Jon Tyler
e-Learning Delivery - Malcolm Andrew
e-Learning and Students - Parminder Kaur
e-Learning and Staff - Steve Mackenzie
Communications, Evaluation and Review - Nick Allsopp

2. Information gathering

Each area-lead will develop and propose a mechanism for gathering data. They will identify the key issues that they wish to address, who they wish to be involved/help in gathering data, the types of information already available and the areas that need more work. They will draw up a schedule of work and agree this with Richard Hall by next Wednesday 8 November.

Note 1: there are extant networks already in existence: for instance, the Humanities Champions; the Business and Law departmental co-ordinators; the Health and Life Sciences school champions. Where possible we will involve these networks in our work - this is critical.
Note 2: our work may involve staff/student focus groups/surveys. Where possible I would like to co-ordinate this so that we can utilise focus groups to gather data for multiple areas. We are also looking to deliver a small student survey via the library PCs.
Note 3: negotiating work-loads for this exercise is critical. I do not want this to become all-consuming. The due date for our IRD is 22 January 2007.


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