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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

whoa! forgot the answer to the key question: why did you pick the methodology that you picked. We picked OBHE.

A few reasons here folks:
  1. we met some of the OBHE guys and their pilot-phalanxes at the HEA event in London and I thought we could do business with them;
  2. the methodology gives us room-for-manoevre, and aligns with our institutional ethos;
  3. there's flexibility within the themes that we can develop; and
  4. I like their ethos: respect for the plurality of missions; non-prescriptive; the importance of leadership; continuous improvement; fact-based management.

I kinda think that some decisions aren't really best mulled-over. For instance, deciding whether-or-not to pick your best wicket-keeper or a journeyman-glovesman with a falling batting average for the Ashes should be a no-brainer. You've got your key criteria (e.g. won't drop Ricky Ponting on 1 and lose you the urn) and your cenral ethos - check which align and stick with them.


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