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Friday, December 15, 2006

Governance and transparency

I need a beer and there is a north-east England beer festival on at the Criterion this weekend. I need that beer because we are better than this. There have been too many mistakes and so many of them point back to Fletcher: warm-up; personnel; man-management; strategy. Idiot. Panesar exemplifies this - there is no governance and no transparency over Fletcher's decisions. The selectors in England are clearly undone over Read and Panesar, and any vision or message that they wanted to get over to the Aussies was so totally destroyed by Fletcher. Ugh!

So, governance and transparency; its lack of implementation in Australia has wasted a huge opportunity. Clearly the Aussies have world-class players in Ponting, Hussey and Warne and we let these men off-the-hook through poor individual play and decisions, and poor team-based planning and decisions.

So, governance and transparency; I'm thinking a lot more about that now. How do we govern the decisions made about e-learning? How transparent are we about decisions that are made? How do we ensure that the decisions are relevant for staff and sudents?

Our benchmarking Wiki, containing the summaries developed to-date is now up inside our VLE and will be edited by our core team before being released to other staff for comment. This is part of our approach towards transparency and engagement. As for Governance, that will follow once the PVC has his say and once our new Strategy Group meets to evaluate where we go now.


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