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Friday, December 22, 2006


It's taken days for the torment of Walsall's second half performance at Wrecsam and our capitulation at Perth to sink-in. It's when reasonable expectations get dashed that you suffer. I'm not quite sure why, after 25 years of watching a poor football team and an average (at home) and poor (overseas) cricket team, I think that things will be different. In fact, I am sure. It's that occasionally the planets align and resources come together, under particular leaders, in such a way that hopes are raised. Maybe, you think,right here and right now, things will be better. So when those resources are wasted and those opportunities are blown you feel it more.

So pyramids are the key. Clearly. The apex of an organisation or a team or an approach is only as strong as its base. Strengthening the base, so that visions are shared and blueprints embedded is key. This goes as much for supporting the users of an e-learning innovation in appropriate ways, as it does for building-up the grassroots of cricket to ensure that talent has the framework in which to succeed. In either case the enabling structure of the pyrmaid is vital. In either case leadership at all levels is vital.

We are editing our OBHE Wiki like there is no tomorrow. Moreover, responses to our staff survey are picking -up and we are trying to arrange a lunch with our second tier of e-learning champions (not formally recognised for their e-learning work, but vital nodes in our network) to ascertain what they want from an institutional approach. I hope that this work helps us to strengthen our pyramid. Time will tell whether we are able to enable our users, but by listening we are making a start.


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