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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

set the tone

it's remarkable really how with hindsight there are key moments and more importantly key people:
  1. Harmison takes the new ball in the first Test at Lords in 2005 and hits Langer and Ponting - a statement of intent;
  2. Harmison is taken to Australia and, clearly unready, he has a shocker in Brisbane forcing more pressure on Flintoff;
  3. the management chose to back the same team that won the Ashes, not testing or evaluating the new reality - that we need to attack, because we are likely to need to win at least one test. A conservative approach against a team that is going to play aggressively is going to cause self-inflicted problems; not the least in taking wickets.If you can't bowl them outfor less than 500 then you need to make 500 almost every innings - too much pressure on the top order!
  4. Gilo hasn't had enough cricket and we need a more attacking option;
  5. what kind of message does it send out that you will drop a strike bowler (Monty) and a decent wicketkeeper, who did little wrong in recent tests? especially when you bring in someone who has no form, and a wicketkeeper who has not done the job with the bat.
How does this reflect on e-learning? There are key people and their role in agenda-setting and in managing key moments and in setting the ethos is critical. How will this be developed during our baselining process? More importantly, how will this be iterated as an outcome of our baselining process? What will we need to change and how?


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