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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Usual Suspects.
I don't know about you but having been through this exercise and written the first draft of one of the sections, the answers to the questions keep coming back to the same people everytime - a bit like Sven always having "D. Beckham" at the top of his teamsheet or Duncan Fletcher not having the guts to drop Flintoff if he was to drop in form. The same is true with e-learning; everything comes back to either the faculty e-learning coordinators or the University e-learning coordinator. Now we all know that these people do a fantastic job, often against all sorts of odds, but I do worry about the institution relying on a (relatively) small group of experts. Surely the aim is to get the institution - and its constituent parts - to take ownership. They won't do that as long as they think its someone else's job/responsibility. I don't have an answer, other than to say that there cannot surely be any link in anyone's mind between Real Madrid buying and keeping el Beckham for his stunning good looks and marketable sex appeal and the University appointing Richard Hall!


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